This past week, God has given me a distinct awareness of a few areas in my life that I am very prone to turn to sin. If I’m not struggling in one area then I am most definitely struggling in the other. Why is that? I don’t completely know the answer but I do acknowledge that when we are hurting, we have the choice to numb that pain with our sin or to turn to God…the one who forgives, heals and comforts. 

This morning I was listening to a podcast (it’s called InDoubt, geared towards Christian young adults) and they were having a discussion about sin. They talked about the difference between guilt and conviction. One of the girls speaking defined guilt as being condemning and conviction as being HOPE filled. It made me realize that I carry a deep sense of guilt after sinning but no conviction, and that is why these sins are so easy for me to go back to. 

I always thought that the feeling of guilt was what conviction felt like, it made me feel bad enough to stop sinning in that area for a while but I never understood why I kept going back to it eventually. So I took some time to ask God to truly convict me in these areas, my desire is pursue holyness and to FIGHT my sin. I don’t need to give in each time, I asked God to give me HOPE instead of a longing and love for my sin. I realize it’s not simple, that it takes time. But I want this to be a daily prayer for me, I want a holy reverence towards God that is stronger than my desire to sin. 
Are there areas of sin in your life that you just keep going back to? Ask God to convict you in those areas, seek holyness, seek accountability, continue to pray. I have realized that overcoming sin is not easy to do on your own, reaching out to others and being vulnerable and honest breaks the devil’s grip. Also if you have a chance, read Psalm 51 pictured above😊I always love how raw and real David is. 



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